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Mental health patients are overwhelming emergency departments and trends are continuing to rise.  With limited Psychiatry ED staff, rising costs, and increasing wait times, it is critical to implement a solution that can effectively serve and stratify these patients.  WeCounsel is uniquely positioned to help hospitals optimize and leverage psychiatry provider networks that will decrease the duration of mental health patient visits and quickly provide the necessary care these patients need.

We are your mental access solution.

See the possibilities.

We are your mental access solution.

See the possibilities.

Increase Efficiency

By quickly serving mental health diagnosed patients, ED staff can focus on traditional acute patients, increasing speed of care and decreasing risks associated with longer wait times.

Reduce Admissions

Telepsychiatry empowers emergency departments to quickly assess patients, discharge with a treatment plan, or appropriately transfer to a support facility, avoiding unnecessary costs associated with hospital admission.

Avoid Transfers

By instituting a telepsychiatry workflow, EDs can reduce unnecessary hospital transfers.  A Psychiatrist can quickly stratify and serve patients to determine appropriate treatment.


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