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Leverage the nation’s largest telebehavioral network, integrate mental health into your organization, improve outcomes and reduce readmissions.


Integrate behavioral care into primary care settings to meet growing demand in patient populations. Refer in real-time and ensure care for those that need it most.


Emergency departments bear the brunt of the mental health crisis resulting from lack of access to non-emergent care providers. Leverage the WeCounsel network to speed care to patients presenting with MHD.


Provide mental health support for patients with chronic conditions and identify potential behavioral disorders that could be preventing patients from properly managing their own care.


Serve hospitalized patient populations with behavioral comorbidity that could hinder patient recovery and result in readmission. Leverage the WeCounsel virtual provider network to achieve a holistic care plan.

Leverage Virtual Waiting Rooms

Transition behavioral patient loads from traditional waiting areas, freeing up staff resources. Create a better patient experience for in-person and online patients while creating time for providers.

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